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Using Speed Typing for Faster Computer typingSpeed Typing is basically a small application designed to simplify the everyday tasks with various document types, including emails, letters, documents and much more. It works by replace a single typed letter with a pre-defined word. The most obvious use of Speed Typing would be for typing large documents such as letters, but the application has a lot more advantages than that.For instance, Speed Typing helps you make split-second decisions by supplying a decision tree, which helps you organize the different document types into different branches, depending on the priority. Speed Typing can also help you save your time by presenting the single most important letter or word on the page in the clearest way possible, which enables you to save a lot of time when looking for a specific word or letter. Apart from this, speed typing can also provide a fast way to read small print and it can even highlight the most important words, which would have taken you a long time to read just by looking at the document.As mentioned above, this particular tool was developed by Adobe for its new Internet writing tool known as Type Pad. When using Speed Typing, one of the great features that the developer chose to implement was the support for several different languages, which includes Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Another advantage of this tool is that it has the ability to insert spaces between words and reduce the number of mistakes one can make with the use of a capital letter. There are a few speed typing programs that use the Wordbleeds font-recognition engine to help recognize words while typing. All in all, the developers managed to keep all these features in mind while developing the Speed Typing, and hence the tool is now considered as one of the best tools for increasing the speed at which you type.Advertisementsam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-seethrough-program-page-desktop'); });