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Using Free IP Tools To Protect Your Computer1/5Free IP Tools is a powerful, free tool only available for Windows operating system, being quite a part of the monitored networking software in this category. It can provide the user with the complete log and report solution, with a number of advanced features and advanced options to choose from, in order to track and monitor any and all traffic passing through the computer or router. More than that, this tool is one of the most powerful network monitoring tools available for the Windows platform. With the help of Free IP Tools, network monitoring is not only easy but also highly customizable as there are many advanced options for the configuration of DNS settings as well as blocking of certain ports.As you may have noticed while using the free version of Allnet-tools, there are some options where you can manually select the port that needs blocking. While browsing through this application, there are several other options where you can choose various protocols and port groups. In fact, there are several protocols that this free app supports. The list includes ICMP Echo Request, ICMP TCP socket, ICMP Ping, ICMP SBC, ICMP SOAP, ICMP STannel, ICMP Traceroute and many more. And if your server is behind a firewall, there are different options to manage such traffic as well.While downloading this free app from the official website, there is one option where the developer allnet-tools will scan and detect all malicious threats present in your system and will then remove them automatically, making your computer completely safe for use. Apart from blocking unwanted ports that are listening to unlawful traffic, this program will also help you in performing regular system scanning, updating the anti-spyware engine on your system and perform a full virus and spyware removal. Another great feature of this free program is that it can help you to block the pop-ups and redirects as well, without deleting the files that are stored on your hard disk.Advertisementsam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-seethrough-program-page-desktop'); });