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Free Flash Memory TesterFakeFlashText is a tool that is designed by a developer of RMPrepUSB. The tool can test the actual memory of SD cards or USB flash drives. It’s a simple tool that you can use to verify you’re getting the memory card you paid for. Aside from that, it can also prevent corruption. For instance, a 64GB SD card may only contain 16 GB of space, which can get corrupted easily, leading to data loss. Similar apps include H2Testw, DriverIdentifier, and Flash Drive/Card Tester.How do FakeFlashTest Test Your USB?The FakeFlashTest tool has two tests. But before you begin testing, we would recommend that you backup all your files. Advertisementsam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-seethrough-program-page-desktop'); });The first one is the Quick Size Test. The test will check for the actual size of the drive and report the capacity and tell if it’s fake. The Quick Size test is destructive, and according to the author, you might lose your files. The second test is the Text Empty Space, which will write test files to the remaining space on your drive. The text is not destructive, but you can lose your file if the drive is fake. How can you tell a flash drive is fake?There are various tools that you can use to test if a flash drive is genuine. One of the best tools to use includes FakeFlashTest, H2Testw, Flash Drive/Card Tester, and more. Unlike other tools like H2Testw, FakeFlashTest is quite new, including optimisations and a better method that is perfect for modern flash. Test your drive for authenticity FakeFlashTest is an excellent tool for testing if your drive is genuine, and you can also use it to confirm if you’re getting the exact space you paid for. This can also help you to prevent corruption, which can lead to loss of data. FakeFlashTest free download is a must-have Windows app for users of SD cards or USB flash drives.