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New in Version 3If you are dealing with any type of computer networking at work or in school, you probably have come across DebugView. If you don't know what DebugView is, it is a powerful tool from Microsoft which is used for collecting network monitoring data. In order to explain this tool, you need to understand how a typical Windows machine works. When you start up your machine, you are actually launching the operating system in what is called a "preemptive" mode. This means that Windows will launch a number of different programs that you have set up for your machine in advance so that if anything goes wrong in the process, you can quickly and easily get things back on track. For the purposes of this article, we will be looking at the main purpose of DebugView, and how it can help network administrators like you.When you start up your computer, DebugView will launch, starting off with the series of different programs that your computer may have set up to perform its various tasks. Starting off with the first machine, we will see that it starts a simple application which allows you to connect to a specific IP address through whatever network you may be connected too. However, as you connect to this IP, more processes begin to fire off, and you will eventually start getting debug output from one or more of these processes. Now, it may seem like a simple application is doing all of this, but if you stop to think about it, this program is actually one of the most complex programs debugged by debug view.As you can imagine, debug views provide administrators with a great amount of detailed information about how programs are being launched and run, the network traffic that are being exchanged, and so much more. This kind of detailed information, however, is usually not available without the help of some specialized hardware such as a debug monitor. But, as you can probably tell by now, there are plenty of these types of things already out there which makes using debug output a little bit more difficult. Fortunately, the developers of debugview have realized this problem and have integrated some of their own features into this amazing piece of software. With these newer features, this program has really come a long way.Advertisementsam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-seethrough-program-page-desktop'); });